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When’s the last time you Audited your Site Content?

As a business owner, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day operations that your business demands.

If your website is like many other small business websites, one result of your busy schedule is that often times the content that you display on your company web presence is of poor quality hastily copied and pasted from previous versions of your company websites.

In the worst-case scenario, your content was organized with little regard to how the text and images on your site pages would affect the potential search engine optimization efforts of your business or the way your company message is perceived by visitors.

As the months pass, it is normal for the content on your website to become a bit neglected with respect to the message that your business is presenting online.

Consider your company’s web presence for a moment.

Do you know the last time your content was updated to reflect recent changes in your company’s mission and objectives?

Does your site include older information that may be misleading or incorrect to display to your current web traffic?

Can you be sure that someone in your organization even edited your content for basic proofreading errors?

With recent changes to major search engine algorithms, well-written content that clearly defines the topic of a page and the advantage it offers to visitors is of greater and greater importance within a well-structured and effectively optimized website.

With shifts in strategies for the optimization of websites, a stronger and more renewed dedication to developing rich, unique content has become a leading priority for anyone looking to effectively reach your local clientele.

In today’s online world, content that serves to satisfy your main audience (an interested local visitor!) as opposed to creating content strictly to appeal to online search engine robots is of paramount importance in any diversified web property.


Improving the return on your Website Content Revamp

The first step in conducting an effective revamp of your website content involves identifying which components of the information on your company website are contributing to that page’s optimization efforts.

Without getting into more advanced concepts concerning on-page optimization efforts, the 3 most important considerations for any basic website audit include the sections of your website specifically pertaining to meta tags, written text and images.


Meta Tags – The Optimization Zero Coordinate

One of the first considerations that any content audit should take into account should deal directly with the optimization of meta tag variables for the specific page(s) in question.

Since Meta Tags provide a basic understanding of what is offered on specific website pages, creating language in these sections that is effective and succinct can have a strong effect on how your webpage is perceived online.

Because Meta Tag variables provide the basis for the summary of the information contained within search engines, these variables are the cornerstone of how a potential visitor perceives your company in local search results.

This is especially critical with respect to the limited space with which to present your business in a positive light within your Meta variables.

Simply put, you may have the most technologically advanced and most visually stunning website available, but if your Meta Tag variables are uninspired, inaccurate or riddled with errors, organic traffic from search engines may be driven to your competitor as a result of simple oversight or poor content planning.


Your Written Content Speaks Volumes

The next phase of content revamp for your website content deals specifically with the written content that inevitably makes up the majority of what your company has to offer on any particular page.

Unless your business is a video-sharing platform or some other similar technological sharing site, chances are that most of what clients know about your business, product or service is learned via the use of written text on your website pages.

If this is the first time you are auditing previously developed text on your website, you may be in for a bit of a shock.

If done unprofessionally and without any consideration given to how content reads, it is possible for your content to be sending a message that is completely opposite to what is intended by your business.

Start by crafting text that will make it easy for your visitors to see what clearly sets you apart from your competition.

Highlight how your knowledge and experience can help them achieve the results they are after in a fashion that is faster and of a higher quality than the other businesses they find online.

Although obvious to most business owners, be sure to use grammatically correct language that is both easy to read and which makes sense to the reader.

Knowing that your message is getting across clearly to your unique target audience is the crux of developing content that will effectively assist your website in capturing interest for specific services.

Once you have crafted written content that you feel reflects the high standard that your business is capable of, be sure to go through your text adding emphasis, internal and external website links and any other features which could help your visitors more effectively convert to a new lead, newsletter subscriber, potential contact or other target audience of your business.


Image Content Revamp – Worth a thousand words

The final piece of any basic revamp of on-site content marketing deals specifically with the images that are integrated into each page.

While images are great in their role as supporting cast for your important written content, the selection of which images to choose for any given page can have untold effects, both positive and negative, in how your company web presence is perceived.

As the editor of your company web presence, be sure to choose images that accurately describe the offerings of your company on specific pages in ways that will assist in the conversion of visitors to customers.

Additionally, be sure to define alternative image descriptions in the code of your website to ensure that you are giving accurate descriptions of the images provided not only in their original picture format but also in text substitute in case there are errors in the loading of images or to accurately define the image for search engine robots.


The Benefit of Auditing your site Content

Although the process of revamping your website content can seem a bit daunting at first, it is important for any small business owner to be cognizant of the potential advantages of effective, optimized website content.

First and foremost, the development of content that accurately and passionately describes your business and its mission is a cornerstone of any comprehensive online marketing campaign.

Content that provides your visitors with clear, accurate information about how your business can assist them will almost always benefit the overall goodwill of your business online. 

By revamping your content to create a professional presentation of your local business or service, leads that previously would have left your website may now be more interested to learn a bit more about what you have to offer.

Second, the organization and optimization of your content will contribute to the overall organic Search Engine Optimization efforts of your web presence and will provide you with a framework for more complex optimization efforts.

By defining your content in a more organized manner, you will be able to present a better picture of your truly professional service in its online capacity.

How does your business rank with respect to the quality of your content online?

Could you use some assistance from professionals to help you create the type of impression online that is worthy of representing your local business or service?

The experienced team at Not Fade Away Marketing is thrilled to assist businesses of all shapes and sizes with personalized content creation and optimization services for anything that you are offering locally online.

Give us a call today and let one of our experienced web consultants assist you over the phone with a Free, No-Risk Consultation about auditing your company web content and conducting a content revamp for your business.


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