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Not Fade Away: The Freelance Agency

Our story

Not Fade Away is a full-service Web Design and Digital Marketing firm based out of South Florida. Our professional freelance team provides quality digital solutions for our clients across a wide variety of industries and locations throughout the United States.

We specialize in assisting our clients with a comprehensive plan for an overall digital web presence that includes out-of-the-box strategy, engaging web design, and digital marketing based on our client’s objectives and company vision.

An image of a wire-framed website built at Not Fade Away, freelance marketing and web design agency.

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Our Mission & Values

Not Fade Away is committed to the creation of digital marketing machines that businesses use to better define themselves and expand reach online.

Our team is passionate about helping business owners tell the story about the people, culture and style that make each business unique.

Our core values include: 



We are not your stereotypical web builder. We create custom online plans that produce results. We strive to high standards and ensure that your site, marketing and more will be designed, developed and managed in an effective, timely manner as your digital concierge.



We build creative, engaging websites that are Web 2.0 friendly. Our passionate freelance professionals strive to build sites that help to make our internet world a better, more beautiful place.



All of our services are developed and managed by our passionate freelance internet professionals. We know what it takes to build an efficient, powerful web presence that will help you connect your unique story to the world.

An image of a web designer at Not Fade Away working on image curation for a web design client.

From Concept to Completion & Beyond

Our Leadership

Not Fade Away was created out of a passion for the combination of small business entrepreneurship and story telling, that when used effectively can help a small business come alive and connect with users and consumers from around the globe. 

As surfers and musicians, our owners understand the concept of flow. Our passionate freelance team builds every website by hand and oversees every marketing campaign with the attention to detail that could only be that of a handmade, customized service.

As business owners, the founders of Not Fade Away understand the need for small business owners to have a website, but more importantly, we know that as a business owner you need a consultant that can help you guide your business from concept to completion and beyond.

An image of the freelance team at Not Fade Away discussing a new website project.
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