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Understanding Website Content

At Not Fade Away our experiences with a variety of customers have taught us that one of the most misunderstood components of developing a high-quality website and professional online presence relates directly to website content.

Web Content is most accurately described as the different formats of unique information that business owners and businesses use to describe, market and present their unique selling proposition, brand, or service to the public.

In today’s online economy, this includes written content, videos, images, customer reviews, social networking and other unique information that shapes the overall brand message of any local, national or worldwide business.

Often times, when the need for a customized web presence is first presented, business owners have no idea of what content, or “brand message” will be presented online to customers.

However, making the planning of your content a priority and devoting time to a detailed plan of action with respect to your online content can not only assist with presenting a more professional image to your visitors but can also assist with the overall optimization of your content and user experience online.

As a business owner, it is important to first consider the different types of content now available and easily integrated into modern websites that can help to make an impact with your online marketing.

Considering the different content options available before the development of your online web presence will assist all aspects of the find-ability and exposure of your site as your business branches into processes like Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing and the expansion of your social base.

Optimized Written Content

Written text is the foundation upon which all successful websites are created. Not only does the wording on your website establish your company’s message but it also serves to form the basis of what search engines learn about your business in scans by website robots and spiders.

When considering the development of written content for any business, the first question inevitably is whether the quality written text can be generated via internal sources or if the business will need to look outside of the business to develop a brand message that accurately conveys the business, mission and unique reason for being.

High quality, optimized written content involves giving readers clear, accurate information with respect to what is written on a web page while highlighting keywords that describe the product or service. This includes:

  • Original Wording
  • Grammatically Correct Text
  • Use of Headings for Quick Page Navigation
  • Use of Company Keyword Variables throughout text
  • Creation of Internal & External Links

The consideration of your written text is the primary function of content development as it provides both the foundation and blueprint for the integration of other various types of media throughout your site content.


Optimized Images

As the saying goes, “a picture tells a thousand words”! Whether your business is local or multinational, the strategy and choice of image quality and message will add significant value to any business website.

When considering images for a website, it is first important to consider the message that an image will convey on your public website. With respect to this, every small business owner needs to consider whether the best option is to use company generated, professional or stock images on company websites. Considerations with the different image forms include:

  • Company Generated – Unless your business has a professional photographer on staff, images generated internally by your business are usually images taken by company employees or the business owner. Since roughly 70% of businesses are operated by a single owner, most often company generated images are taken and furnished for web design by the business owner. Unfortunately, without some experience with photography, these images can oftentimes be lower quality than those otherwise generated externally and have the potential to contribute negatively to the way a business is perceived by local clientele
  • Professionally Generated Images – If you are an established business or in need of the highest quality images to detail your product, service or overall business, often times the best solution is to hire a professional photographer to assist with the capturing of the business profile according to brand guidelines. Although this can add an extra dimension of cost in the web development process, the results can be stellar for businesses where the photography needs are both unique and demanding.
  • Stock Photo Resource – Most often times, stock photos are the highest quality and most cost-effective combination for local business owners. With the plethora of stock photo resources available online today, businesses can easily browse and select the highest quality images that match the brand and business message.

Website Integrated Video

One of the most effective ways of communicating your local brand message involves the use of custom videos centered around your business.

Unfortunately, due to the costly nature of professional video production, most businesses by-pass this option when considering what content they would like to share on their online business portal.

The good news is that with modern advances in home video editing, local business owners can easily develop their own video messages or can find cost-effective options for local video development.

Videos are a critical “viral” marketing tools in today’s ever-changing dynamic world online. Through the use of video, local brands, products and services can create a customized message for the business which can be easily shared, viewed and distributed online.

Social Networking Feeds

A growing consideration for any professional local business includes the development and integration of real-time social feeds into company web presences.

With the standardization of social networking to distribute company news, new offerings and much more, having active social accounts is critical to the health and vitality of any local business presence.

At Not Fade Away, we are strong proponents of using social feeds for popular channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and much more.

Full Service Web Design Consultants

At Not Fade Away of South Florida, we have both the knowledge and experience to help you effectively plan, create and manage the original development of unique, optimized website content that will give your business the upper-hand of your local competition.

Are you looking for a web design consultant that can assist with every aspect of your business’s online development?

Call Not Fade Away today and let us assist you with any or all of your unique demands for both content development and integration on your company website.

It is easier than ever to get professional service with the confidence that your business is reaping the maximum benefits from the web content that you use to promote your business, product or service. Simply contact Not Fade Away today to get started with your free Web Design consultation!


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