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Ecommerce Website Design for your unique products

Do you have a unique product you’re trying to sell online?

The size of online sales has increased steadily over the past decade, becoming one of the primary ways that consumers buy and sell products.

As the size of the eCommerce pie has increased, it has become increasingly important for small retailers to set up effective eCommerce websites to sell their unique goods and services.

If you are a retailer looking to sell online, Not Fade Away offers businesses comprehensive solutions for online commerce.

From simple checkout flows to advanced shipping, our team helps businesses create eCommerce website design projects that allow brands to grow online.

Could your brand benefit from an engaging eCommerce website?

Not Fade Away offer free consultations for online businesses and provides custom proposals to address the unique needs and objectives of your business. Get in touch with us today!


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Want to know how we can help your team with eCommerce Website Design?

Ecommerce Website Design Services

Domain & Hosting Consulting

Need help understanding the options available for the web hosting and domain name of your new online venture? Work with us to optimize your domain keyword strategy, or let us customize a hosting option that fits the unique objectives of your new project.  


Logo & Brand Identity Strategy

Don’t know where to start with respect to your brand’s identity, logos, and branding? What does your logo say about your products and brand? Let our team help you pinpoint your brand identity with a comprehensive graphic design strategy.

Ecommerce Web Design

Tired of boring solutions for your eCommerce website? Need something a bit more unique for your online home? Our creative internet professionals listen to your internet design preferences during our strategy calls and then create three design concepts that are designed to illustrate your brand’s style and culture.

Ecommerce SEO

Looking to grow your reach and exposure online through organic SEO? Our team helps hotel businesses with comprehensive Search Engine Optimization campaigns that address issues related to on-page optimization, technical optimization, fresh content and backlink management.

Responsive Ecommerce Web Development

Is your current website hard to navigate and browse on modern smart devices? In today’s online world, mobile-friendliness is imperative for any business looking to compete online. Our web development process helps hotel businesses with effective responsive web technology that provides an efficient framework for your content no matter how your visitors are browsing your site.

Social Networking Strategy

Don’t know which social channels your firm should be using to professionally connect with your audience online? Need help with the consistent branding of each of your channels? In today’s online world your social strategy is critical to the overall success or failure of your firm. 

Looking for a New Home
for your Ecommerce Business Online?

Components of Effective
Ecommerce Website Design

Creating an effective website for an eCommerce Web Design project can be daunting, especially as a small brand marketing team or owner-operated business.

There are a number of components that need to be considered in order to create the best representation of your business online. Some of these include:


  • Clearly Promote your Brand or Logo
  • Use a consistently branded color scheme throughout the site
  • Develop clear Calls-to-Action for easy user experience
  • Highlight your products effectively
  • Provide easy to navigate highlights of your products
  • Utilize Responsive Technology for a good mobile and tablet-based experience on your eCommerce website
  • Make navigation clear and easy to use
  • Develop resources sections for product guides, articles and other fresh content updates from your brand
  • Integrate popular third-party software to expand your brand and streamline & automate your on-location processes
  • Provide social proof through the use of testimonials
  • Show off your affiliations and accreditations
  • Keep critical information “above the fold”
  • Integrate easy-to-use ecommerce to encourage on-site conversions.
  • Integrate shipping calculators for easy checkout flows

Frequently Asked Questions
for Ecommerce Websites

Why does my brand need a website?

At this point in time, the necessity of having a website is probably pretty clearly understood by most business owners, especially in the ecommerce industry.

Plain and simply put, the internet is the strongest and most efficient medium currently available for a small business, organization, cause, or other entity to reach direct customers, supporters, and fans of your idea, product or service.

The internet allows you as a business to grow from the ground up, from the cultivation of local support to the ability to reach customers across the globe with an accurate depiction of why they should use your business to fulfill their needs.

In the past retailers used the Yellow Pages, local guides and partnerships to grow a brand. In today’s world, a website is a must for any brand to connect to potential, existing and current guests.

How long does it take to design a ecommerce website?

The time that it takes to build a web presence for your business is dependent on the scale and scope of your online goals and objectives.

The average time for the development of a 5-10 page web presence ranges from 4-8 weeks from project initiation.

If a project features a basic design, modest features and little to no SEO or Online Marketing, it will take considerably less time to develop than a project with 50 pages, custom e-commerce functionality and advanced SEO & Marketing campaigns.

All of our ecommerce web design projects are developed under completely custom design proposals. Let us customize an online plan to exceed your online expectations today.


What's a domain name? Why do I need one?

A website’s domain name is its unique web location. Sort of like your website’s address.

The domain is usually “” but could be anything imaginable that is not already owned by another user on the net.

In order to have your website code active online so you can have visitors to your website, you must purchase a domain address.

The domain gives you access to place your information at the specified address so that internet users can view your web presence.

Domain names are fairly cheap but must be renewed annually to keep your site live at its specific address.

Click here to learn more about Domain Services.

What about hosting? Is it necessary for me to have?

Yes, hosting is imperative for any website.

Hosting stores your website information on a server that is set up to transmit and hold information for web pages on the internet.

In very simple terms it is the rent that you as a website must pay the internet for the space that your site holds.

Without hosting, your website would be a collection of source code without anything to connect to.

At Not Fade Away, we provide Hosting Services for our clients or are happy to help our clients work with a number of hosting partners.

Not Fade Away can help with your hosting or we will happily give you the code for your website that you can use elsewhere.

What's so special about Social Networking?

In recent years social networking (sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) have sparked a social revolution of inter-connectedness.

For small businesses, these sites provide a unique opportunity to reach a broad segment of your possible customers.

The other great feature of social networking is that in today’s day and age interconnecting different social networking accounts can help you efficiently take advantage of a wide variety of small business expansion options.

Social Networking also works great with a Blog to bolster and distribute your content to your fans, friends and followers.

Hooking into social networking with your small business website is easy, just contact Not Fade Away today!

Who creates the content for an ecommerce website design project?

Our website projects assume that the owner of the business will provide the content necessary to meet the objectives of the build.

Content includes things like written text, images, videos and more that tell the story of your business.

However, here at Not Fade Away, our team is always happy to help with copywriting services & content creation, image cultivation and graphic design to any extent necessary to meet the objectives of the project as an additional service during the project development.

How much does an ecommerce website design project cost?

In simple terms, the cost of a website development project is dependent on four main factors:


  1. Level of design – Custom vs. Templated
  2. Scope of the project – How many pages?
  3. Content – Provided by the firm or created for you?
  4. Additional integrations and features – SEO campaigns, ADA Compliance, Scheduling, Payment Integrations, etc.

At Not Fade Away our average eCommerce websites start at around $5,000.00 and increase in price with additional features and functionality.

Why trust Not Fade Away for your eCommerce Website Design Project?

Our Difference

At Not Fade Away, our passionate online advisors put years of experience to work to help tell the story of your eCommerce business. While working with you to maximize your online objectives, our team creates an experience for your brand that goes far beyond the normal agency-client relationship. 

More than 15 years of experience online

Personalized care from an individual consultant

Strategy & Service from Concept to Completion

Open & Clear Communication

Complimentary 15 minute No-risk Discovery Call

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What people are saying
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Robert DeLoach

National Healthcare Marketing

“As the founder of National Healthcare Marketing, I have worked side-by-side with Not Fade Away Marketing on various Web Design & Marketing projects in the Healthcare Industry. Keith and his team have always delivered top-of-the-line solutions on both projects that we have hired them for, as well as for client projects. Not Fade Away provides the highest quality customer service, always taking the time to thoroughly explain and outline creative ideas to target online marketing challenges. I love working with Not Fade Away and highly recommend giving Keith and his team a call for any of your digital marketing endeavors.”

Dr. Robert Middleton

Correct Vision

“Not Fade Away Marketing & Web design has helped our company grow steadily for years since we began using their services. They are true professionals and get the job done as you would expect. Whether you’re looking for a marketing strategy, or building your website and online presence, Not Fade Away is the company you want to team up with! I have found their work invaluable and would highly recommend them!”

James Kigar

Yoga South

“Not Fade Away Marketing” was amazing, from our initial consultation throughout the whole process. They patiently and skillfully took the time understand my needs and educate my choices in developing the marketing and web site strategy. Their depth of knowledge and creativity is endless. I am extremely grateful for all they contributed and would highly recommend their services to anyone in need.”

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