Spearcrazy Advanced Shopping Cart

Hello Not Fade Away Friends,

Recently we had the great opportunity to work with James and the crew over at Spearcrazy to help them develop a shopping cart that could keep up with the demands of their growing business.

Spearcrazy came to us and asked if we could program the functionality of a discount code and more advanced shipping calculations for their website. The functionality of discount codes is something we are asked for a lot around here at Not Fade Away. It’s imperative in today’s competitive economy that any small business takes steps to ensure that they can interactively provide discounts and promotions to their valuable customers.

After re-development of the company shopping cart, the owners of Spearcrazy we excited with the results. “Now I can offer clients and repeat customers a sweet reward for digging Spearcrazy clothing”, owner Captain James told us.

We were happy to help Spearcrazy get setup with a shopping cart that could fit their small business needs and would be stoked to help your small business expand their online e-commerce program to better fit the needs of your small business customers.

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Not Fade Away

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